They are roughly ordered by importance, which tends to be by color (red, amber, yellow, orange, green, blue, gray), but there are nearly 60 of them so be patient! This electric power steering column is a very common failure for the Fiat Punto, normally the fault will cause the power steering to completely fail and bring on the red steering wheel light (EPS warning) on the dash. Fiat PUNTO Power Steering (EPS - Electric Power Steering) Ordered by OEM / VM Part Numbers: Trade Prices: (Excludes VAT @ 20%) Part Number: 2610107703A / 1077 . Either way, the steering wheel warning light can be a clear sign that something is wrong with your power steering system and you should have your car inspected by a qualified technician as soon as possible. When i start up my car (Fiat Punto) the red steering wheel light comes on the dashboard and doesnt go off, the wheel - Answered by a verified UK Auto Mechanic. How to replace a Fiat Punto power steering motor (Punto Mark 2) Why you might need to do this. She managed to get the car home and when she turned the car off and restarted it the steering came back. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Hello mechanics!!! it is on the steering column below the steering wheel What if you have not got power stering on your fiat punto but there is a rew stering wheel light staying on? The loss of power steering assistance will make the vehicle extremely heavy to manoeuvre, especially when trying to park. Either way, the warning light will be yellow or red in color. . Signs that you may notice that may indicate that there is a power steering failure in your Fiat Punto is that the EPS (Electric Power Steering) system fault light may light up the dash as a warning. Fiat punto power steering? The electric steering uses a lot of electricity so if the cars ECU "thinks" the charging system is up the shoot I think … This warning symbol will also illuminate in red when the handbrake is applied. if the engine is turned off a while then started again the power steering works for a short AA man reckons its the starter motor?anybody throw any light on the matter.thanks in advance power steering probems fiat punto Watch. This light, a steering wheel and exclamation point, indicates that your vehicle’s power steering fluid levels are low or that there is a fault in the system. The Fiat Panda power steering column consists of a torque position sensor and motor control unit. She says that it just went when she was driving up quite a main road. On the Punto dashboard, the steering wheel light comes on and the power steering fails. Buy Autofact PU Leatherite Stitchable Steering Wheel Cover for Fiat Punto (Red Color): Steering Accessories - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases In the recent cold weather the power steering warning light comes on on my Fiat 500 (2008) - this is only at first start in the morning if I switch off and restart all is well. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Fiat. Replenish brake fluid to the correct levels. After about an hour and a half of driving almost completely straight the power steering warning light came on, I was just about to exit the motor way, worried! At first I thought it was the wheel locked but I can still move the wheel but with great difficulty using all my strengh (which is not much). 53' plate Punto showing red steering wheel light and amber engine management light. needs new steering colum One of the most common faults in the Fiat Punto is electric power steering failure. 1) the punto has that locking mechanism in place so if you turn the wheel too harshly it will lock itself. Hi all, this time asking for my mum. (2) 2 product ratings - 2007-2012 MK3 FIAT GRANDE PUNTO STEERING COLUMN WITH ELECTRIC PAS PUMP 55701323 hi i had a fiat punto aswell, that happened to me too, it is electric,so no fluid required!! I had to turn the engine off and on again so I could move out of the way of oncoming traffic. Click a link to learn more about each one. In addition, you get a built-in navigation system and rear speakers, so you won’t miss a road or a song. What do all the warning light symbols on the dashboard mean on a red steering wheel warning light mean on a of dashboard warning lights for a Fiat Punto S. Ok, so the little red light in the shape of the steering wheel has come on on the dashboard in my 04 plate punto. If the light turns on, … My steering wheel looks like it has some kind of skin disease mainly the top section between 11oc and 1oc - the bit I never touch (although it does get most sun). Hi guys, I have a 2002 fiat punto 1.2 and the bloody power steering is gone. What the power steering system warning light means. However in the last week the little red light came one and this time won't switch off! ! It's such a simple problem to fix, all you need to do is change the electric steering pump (located directly underneith the steering wheel, about where your knee's sit when your driving!) See also: If an interior light burns out Modifications or repairs to the electrical system carried out incorrectly and without bearing the features of the system in … seemed ok after that. Fiat Punto Power Steering Problem. the light on the dashboard (the steering wheel) was lit. 13 January 2013 at 10:38AM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Motoring. when i started my car on a cold morning a red light on the dash board came on and stayed on it was a symbol of a steering wheel. There are 3 bolts that holt it on, and 2 cables that plug into the ECU. The Punto EPS steering system is flawed and prone to either intermittent or total failure in the following ways: 1. you just stop the car and start it again and it will be fine, now that should really only happen on occasion if you are really turning the wheel! After … i have a 2009 fiat 500. slowed down on approaching a junction, went to turn left but my steering wheel would not move. I have a fiat punto 1.2 2000 reg which after 8 months of owning took on the motor way, for the first time, over the weekend. No reduction in performance or steering. fiat punto - fiat punto steering problem - Big John : The power steering is probably not working "because" the battery light is not on. What do all the warning light symbols on the dashboard mean on a red steering wheel warning light mean on a of dashboard warning lights for a Fiat Punto S. Ok, so the little red light in the shape of the steering wheel has come on on the dashboard in my 04 plate punto. Hi everyone, I bought a fiat punto 3 months ago and all of a sudden the power steering has gone off the steering is really heavy and the warning light of a steering wheel is on. FIAT DOBLO Steering wheel 06 plate dobbin. Fiat PUNTO Engine Size: 1.2 - 1.9 Years: 1999 - 2011 7 reviews. Last night she was driving home from work when the power steering failed for no apparent reason. And HELP!!! The steering wheel looks slightly different depending on the model of car or truck. The power steering works fine even with the light on. Excessively low brake fluid levels can have a detrimental affect on the cars ability to brake. it could be one of two things!! The main reason for the failure of the electric power steering column on the Fiat 500, is the torque position sensor failing, this can result in a groaning vibration when turning the steering wheel which will eventually lead to the steering failure light/ message illuminating on the dash display. This might happen intermittently, or it might have been happening every now and then and now the power steering … … red steering light on dash when car cold Fiat punto y reg 2001? I was approaching a round about wondering if the steering would work! Ive seen one on ebay but it says clip type whatever that means but there are similar wheels for other fiat models which have the airbags included. FIAT Spare Parts online in Genuine quality and price for FIAT Linea, Punto, Punto Evo, Palio, Siena, Uno, Adventure and Avventura. The Fiat panda produced between 2003 – 2012 (169 chassis), uses an electric power steering column, the Fiat panda electric power steering column (EPS) is unique to the Fiat Panda and shares no part with the Fiat Punto power steering systems. ... Fiat punto power steering (light on) steering rock solid. Hi guys, I have a 2002 fiat punto 1.2 and the bloody power steering is gone. I have a fiat punto grande 1.2 2008.The steering wheel goes very hard sometimes and the steering wheel light comes on sometimes take it to a power steering specialist shop to check for problem power steering pump and electrical connections the electric power steering on my w reg punto has an intermittent fault at least once a day the steering goes heavy with the red steering wheel light lit then later on that day the steering may go back to working or stay faulty please help grover May 2008 6 replies 26.9K views For cars with electric power steering, the light may say EPS, for electric power steering. Each Grande Punto is equipped with a maintenance reminder system that illuminates a service message on the instrument cluster when the system has determined that it's time for regular maintenance. We have been repairing and reconditioning Fiat Punto electric columns for the last 5 years and believe that we have developed the best solution for your 'red light on and no power steering' failure on your Punto. The Fiat Grande Punto was first released for the 2005 model year. She has an '03 Fiat Punto 1.2 5million. If you’ve seen another warning light and you’re unsure what it is, you may want to read Dashboard Warning Lights Explained. The Punto’s radio is even more comprehensive with a 5” touchscreen, Bluetooth ®, USB, AUX and steering wheel controls. CITY mode still working. Express Delivery Across India. Fiat Punto / Fiat Punto Owner's Manual / Dashboard and controls / “Dualdrive” electric power steering system / Failure warning lights Any failure is indicated by cluster warning light coming on together with the message on the reconfigurable multifunction display (where required) (see section “Warning lights and messages”). Fiat Punto Steering Fault. The video above shows you the steps needed to check the power This warning light tends to be in the shape of a steering wheel, sometimes with an exclamation mark. This exclamation mark dashboard warning light will illuminate in red on the Fiat Punto if the brake fluid level is low. when i turned off the car at work and restarted her the light was gone.